MACKIE ONYX12 Multi-Track USB Bluetooth with FX Onboard Recording Mixer

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 Multi-Track USB Recording Mixer 

Mackie planted their flag in the analog mixer market in 1989, determined to produce high-quality, user-friendly consoles at an affordable price that could stand up to the demands of constant gigging. Over 30 years later, the Onyx series stands as proof positive of their success.

The Onyx12 is a 12-Channel Premium Analog Mixer with Multi-Track USB and Bluetooth streaming capabilities offering classic analog sound with state-of-the-art modern performance.

At the heart of the Onyx12 are 8 of Mackie's award-winning Onyx mic preamps with switchable 48V phantom power for condenser mics. With up to 60dB of gain, these pres provide the headroom you need to capture every nuance of your source, even with gain-hungry mics. You'll also get 9-line inputs, 5 of which are stereo, giving you the flexibility you'll appreciate for studio or live use. Hi-Z switches on channels 1 and 2 are included for direct connection of guitars, basses, and other high impedance instruments.

After a pass through the Onyx preamps, you can apply some legendary Perkins “British style” EQ with sweepable midrange to impart the classic analog tones of the 60s and 70s to your production. The Onyx12 offers flexible routing via analog/USB channel strips that include mute plus AFL and PFL channel solo options giving you the ability to monitor the signal path as needed.

Onboard effects and a robust digital effects engine bring more creative options with customizable reverbs, delays, and more, plus a dedicated FX EQ. All of this can be monitored through studio monitors or headphones, each with dedicated level controls. The Onyx12 also provides 1/4" and XLR main outputs suitable for live use. Integrated Bluetooth streaming capability is ideal for providing set-break music that can be routed to an Aux send or the Main Mix out.

When you have everything dialed in, you can record direct to SD card, Mac, or PC through the high-resolution 24-bit, 96kHz multi-track processor. If you want to stream audio, the Onyx12 comes equipped with Bluetooth streaming capability that can be routed to an Aux send or the Main Mix out.

Compact, affordable, live, or in the studio. Onyx12 will be the beating heart of your production system.


  • Award-winning Onyx mic preamps with up to 60dB of gain

  • Premium analog circuitry delivers studio-quality sound and keeps noise to a minimum

  • Analog/USB channel strips with flexible routing

  • Legendary Perkins “British style” EQ with sweepable midrange offers classic sounds of the 60s and 70s

  • Robust digital effect engine, including user-customizable reverbs, delays, and more, with a dedicated FX EQ

  • High-resolution 96kHz / 24-bit multi-track recording to Mac/PC via USB Direct to SD card stereo recording and playback

  • Built-in effects presets provide that finishing touch out of the box

  • Hi-Z switches allows direct connection of guitars, basses, and other instruments

  • 100Hz low-cut filter and 48V phantom power on all mic channel

  • Dedicated Control Room outputs

  • PFL/AFL channel solo

  • Waveform OEM software included

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